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Getting Better at Interviewing Salespeople

Hire the Best - Use for Web applications, emails, etcIf you are like most managers, you were promoted to your position because you were proficient at you job.  Top salesmen get promoted to sales managers, top engineers get promoted to chief engineers, top accountants become partners in their firms, etc.

To stay proficient at your role as a manager, you have to make the shift from getting things done yourself to getting things done through other people.   There are a lot of competencies you must master in order to be successful at this and at the same time, it can be narrowed down to just three.  They are your ability to lead, to delegate and to choose your team. read more

What Do You Want Your Sales Managers To Do?

Hire the Best - Use for Web applications, emails, etc“Hit the numbers!” is how most people respond.

While this is true, it really doesn’t answer the question.  Hitting the numbers is the net effect of what the sales manager does.

Most employees arrive in the sales manager role by continuously being a top revenue producing salesperson. To successfully make the transition from salesperson to sales manager, you have to switch your thinking.  A salesperson creates revenue and a sales manager drives revenue. read more