Selecting the Right Salespeople

Hire the Best - Use for Web applications, emails, etcOne of my career moves required moving my family from the Midwest to South Florida.  That was culture shock enough for my wife and me but our children were in middle and high school at the time.  We knew switching schools, making new friends and trying to fit in would be a little stressful for them.

To help make the transition smoother my wife and I came up with the idea that we needed a new pet, specifically, a dog.  Now my wife and I were raised with cats as pets.  We were cat people – but that was out of the question since one child was allergic to cats.

We knew nothing about having a dog as a pet… “But how much different could it be,” we thought.  So we informed the kids and made a field trip to a pet store to pick out the new pet dog.

We pick-out the puppy that was the cutest and liveliest.  Knowing nothing about breeds, we accidentally picked out a Keeshond… who the kids named Keesha- original right.  I say accidentally because it turned out to be the perfect breed for us.

keeshond_jonesThe top characteristics of Keeshonds are:

  • They don’t shed.
  • They don’t get that odor that most breeds have.
  • They are extremely intelligent.
  • They are great with children.
  • They are protective of their home which means they only bark when someone is approaching your house.
  • They were bred to be companion dogs.

All the things we would want in a dog but didn’t know this breed had.

My wife and I picking out a pet is how some people choose salespeople, by accident.

When managers are telling me the details about how the salesperson they hired did not work out, they explain in detail the traits the salesperson was missing and why that prevented them from being successful.

The reality is that the traits needed to be successful selling for the company were not identified before they started their search.  In the absence of having clear success criteria, they were unable to screen and evaluate applicants properly.  Therefore, more of their hires were misfires and the successful ones were hired by accident.

When this happens, the most common excuse I hear is, “Good salespeople are hard to find.”

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